Slip on your spikes


Cora Lopossa, Staff

The warming weather and greening grass is a sign of the times. It is officially track season!

The Cadets have hit the ground running this year, as the girls continue into an undefeated season and the boys have stolen wins out from under South Putnam and Covenant. Runners and throwers alike are bouncing with excitement as they, once again, are able to push themselves, compete and then see where their successes take them.

Past performances and current progress show signs that this year’s group has the capability to go far.  According to Head Coach, Mrs. Erlenbaugh, the team has “gone above and beyond her expectations and she could not be more proud.”

With athletes that are willing to train throughout the winter and during breaks, the team as a whole is able to try new techniques, gain uncharted skills and ultimately push themselves further than ever before. 

All this hard work and time pays off in the end when the Cadets step over that finish line first in large meets like county, conference and sectionals. If things go well, Assistant Coach, Mr. Puckett is hoping to “send individuals to the regional and potentially the state meet.”

Certain team members are standing out as they contribute greatly to the success of the team. Sophomore Sydney Warren is blazing the way in the 200 and 400. Junior Molley Cook in the mile, juniors, Olivia Glasear and Garret Hicks in pole vault and junior, Christina Lamb in high jump are all undefeated. Senior Aaron Creech continues to best himself by setting new personal records in long jump and the 100 early this season.  Warren and Lamb were both county champions in their events.

While the runners create an intimidating group, the throwing squad is not that far behind.

Cascade’s Track and Field program has attracted loads of new athletes, specifically in the throwing area. According to the squad’s coach, Mr. Carpenter, “This group has a lot of inexperienced throwers and we are looking for each thrower to have a ton of growth.”

Senior thrower Halle Cansdale, a county champ in her own right, is an experienced thrower who not only places in the biggest meets, but has also played a vital role when it comes to leading the younger throwers.

In fact, the whole team has a great group of mentors to look up as seniors from almost every discipline have stepped up in order to ensure the overall triumph of the team. “Aaron Creech, Preston Fox, and Emma Parsons have also taken a proactive role in setting the tone in practice,” says Puckett.

With the endless effort and hard work from the athletes, focus of the coaches and the creation of a competitive culture, the track and field squad is setting the pace to run faster and further than ever before. This year’s group has started a journey that will be very intriguing to follow for all Cascade supporters. 

Erlenbaugh mentions that while this season is centered around competing at the highest level possible, “I just want to see everyone have fun.”