Getting in Mr. Dugan’s buisness


     We have all seen him walking in the hallways or teaching a class, but there is more to Mr. Dugan than meets the eye. 

     Before Dugan became a teacher at Cascade High School, he had a successful business as a dealer operator partner of Dugan Chevrolet in Avon for 20 years. 

     But in 2014 he sold his business to become a teacher. 

     Originally, Dugan wanted to be a coach or a teacher. He went back to college to receive another degree and his teaching license. 

      Dugan teaches accounting, introduction to business, economics, AP economics, technology and marketing. 

     Dugan’s favorite class to teach is economics because he loves a challenge.

      According to Dugan, “Economics is a foundation for any society whether it’s a traditional society like Middle Eastern or Central African nations, developing societies, or a free market capitalist society like the U.S.” 

     Teaching in the same building where you children are students can be enjoyable, but Dugan says it has it’s challenges.

     “For the most part, I love it because I get to see them a little more during the day. But sometimes I have to remember that not only are they my child but I am also their teacher.” 

     Dugan really enjoys coaching football and gardening. He also is hoping to restart an old hobby of his in model railroading this year. 

     Dugan has been married for 26 years to his wife, Tami. They have four children; Cole, Sophia, Carter and Ellie. Sophia is working on completing her masters degree at IU, Ellie is a senior at CHS, Carter is currently studying computer engineering and electrical engineering at Michigan Tech University and Cole works in research at Covance Laboratories in Indianapolis.

     Dugan also has two grandchildren named Evelyn and Major. His granddaughter, Evelyn, is 1 and a half years old. His grandson, Major, is 7 weeks old. Dugan adores being a grandparent. He mentioned, “It’s pretty amazing watching your own children raise and nurture a child after leaving your household. It’s an absolute blessing in life.”

     Dugan also loves history and traveling the world. He has travelled to eight different countries including France, England, Ireland, Canda, Belgium, Germany, Mexico and Luxembourg. Dugan enjoys learning about military history and how it relates to economics. 

     Dugan plans to teach for 20 more years and once he has retired he wants to travel and watch his children grow.