Swimmers splash out great season


Cora Lopossa, Staff

Cascade’s girls swim team refused to be held down by Covid 19 as they reclaimed their pool and pushed forward into the rest of the season.

As the girls approached the conclusion of this very irregular season, Coach Paul Williams planned “to win the ICC championship” and “get as many girls into the finals at sectionals” as possible. With the girls swimming “faster than they ever have,” the goals were probable. 

While the team continued to break barriers this season, certain individuals worked hard at making large impacts.  Freshman diver Courtney Shostrand was a great addition. As well, junior Emma Ginter and senior Caroline Glaze had epic seasons

The mentality behind the work can either make or break not only a team, but an entire program. Because of this, Williams and his staff played significant roles in the success of the team.

“Our staff puts a lot of life lessons into our training and then we hold our athletes accountable for making the right decisions,” said Williams.

Not only does Williams want his student-athletes to compete in the pool, but also to become successful members of society. “My job is to help young men and women prepare for the things they will face in life after high school and I can do that through the sport of swimming,” he stated.

Senior, Victoria Potters was excited to finish the season with her teammates, as she hoped to bring home another conference championship. As a senior, swimming became “bittersweet” this year but she continues to focus on her goals in and outside of the pool. 

Without a doubt, the program is on an upward growth spurt which was evident through Cascade’s record this season.

“Our athletes are getting stronger and faster each year and so I firmly believe that Cascade swim and dive will continue to have winning seasons and more championships,” said Williams.