Getting back to the Glory


Trevor Smith, senior staff writer

     Indianapolis has been the racing capital of the world for quite some time but there have been some saying that it is the sports capital of the world but with very few successful teams.With the last major championship in Indiana being the Super Bowl that was won in 2007 Indianapolis has not had a lot of success after that or really before that. Indianapolis had a chance for glory once more though. 

     The Indianapolis Colts this year made the playoffs and were playing really well as they had a new quarterback this year in Phillip Rivers. The Colts finished with a very decent record of 11-5 barely missing winning their division but still made the playoffs as a wild card team. WIth the 11-5 record the colts got the worst seed in the playoff earning them no home games during the playoffs even if they did advance. 

     With the lowest seed the Colts had to play the Buffalo Bills. The Bills took a huge step up this season and have one of the most dangerous passing offenses in the league with MVP candidate Josh Allen at QB the colts needed to stop this passing attack. Unfortunately the colts ranked high in rushing defense but not passing defence. This did not help the Colts then relied on shutting the run game to disrupt the game plan but the Bills barely needed a run game in their game plan because their passing attack is good. 

     The game ended with the colts narrowly losing to the Bills 24-27. The colts plan to be in the playoffs next season but are posed for many more years of success with young pro bowlers linebacker Darius Leonard and guard Quenton Nelson the colts have a bright future. 

     The only challenge the Colts have to face in the next couple seasons is at QB. Rivers was a new signing this year but his contract is only one year so there is no guarantee he will return to the colts this season. This could be a problem because former starter now backup QB Jacoby Brissett is not a super bowl QB and with the Colts making the playoffs they are stuck with a high pick and may not be able to draft a franchise QB with such a high draft pick. 

     The Colts may have lost this year but the colts are only a couple pieces away from being a serious Super Bowl contender and it will be an interesting  journey for the colts to return to the Super Bowl for the first time since the Peyton Manning era.