The leader of the band

The leader of the band

Jerilyn "ChloeBob" Short, Senior Staff Writer

There are many great teachers at ‘The’ Cascade High School. One of those teachers is the one and only band director, Mr. Doug McCoy.

McCoy decided to become director when he graduated high school. From there McCoy fulfilled his college days at the University of Indianapolis. “My first teaching assignment was at North Central High School in Sullivan County, Indiana.” said McCoy.

After five years at North Central, McCoy accepted the position as the new band director for Cascade Middle and High Schools. 

McCoy has spent 31 years as a huge part of the Cascade family. Many memories have been created throughout the years, with one of his favorites being when CHS was awarded the gold medal at the ISSMA contest in group two. 

McCoy doesn’t just teach his students difficult songs. He teaches his students a variety of songs for concerts, pep sessions, holidays and much more.

McCoy’s goal for his students is to have fun while learning and to be hungry for information, to search out the good people with whom to network. McCoy teaches his students the philosophy “you get out what you put in.”