Bonjour, Madame Scharrer

Bonjour, Madame Scharrer

Sydney Grace Warran, Staff

Cascade High School has been very blessed to have a great French teacher in their presence for over 26 years now with the amazing Mrs. Scharrer. 

Scharrer got her French degree from Indiana State University and her Spanish degree from IUPUI. She was inspired to take French because everyone was singing up for Spanish and she wanted to be unique. It obviously turned out in her favor. Her French teacher throughout high school was a huge role model. In fact, Scharrer is still in contact with her to this day.

Scharrer loves teaching at Cascade. She said, “We have a “family” feel here and my family even moved here seven years ago so we could be part of the community and school system.” 

Scharrer has been married 8 years. Her husband works for Mowery Heating and Air. Her son Nick is 19 and is a sophomore at Marian University. Her daughter Holli is 18 and is currently a junior at Cascade. 

French, Spanish, and Italian? Those are all languages that Mrs. Scharrer can speak, and it comes in handy with the amount of international travel she does.  She has  traveled to France, Guatemala, Switzerland, Spain, England, Germany and the Netherlands. 

Many students enjoy the atmosphere of Scharrer’s classroom along with the way she teaches.

According to senior Audrey Fox, “I love French class because Madame prioritizes conversational French and activities that practice that skill, which helps our fluency much more than other activities and ensures our preparedness for our futures. She never makes students feel bad for their skills, or lack thereof, she helps students through when they are struggling to get words out while teaching them. Her teaching experience and care is definitely shown in these instances. We also do a lot of French-based games and fun class activities that help keep the class low stress while also getting us to practice or French in a fun environment. In the higher level classes that I am in right now and in my recent years, we read French novels which are super beneficial in our understanding, pronunciation, and fluency. I have genuinely looked forward to French everyday for the past five years and continue to still.” 

Madame Scharrer has had a huge impact on students at CHS. We are forever thankful for her hard work and the time that she puts in for everyone around her.