Barbel bonanza


Hunter Coats, Staff Writer

     Don’t come knocking when you hear the weights dropping. 

     The Cascade High School weight room is becoming more and more popular as it gets a lot of use from teams, CHS staff, the APC classes, after school lifting programs and now some middle schoolers. 

     APC, or advanced physical conditioning class uses the weight room the most. The class works out four days a week while conditioning and stretching once a week. The class is based on a nine week program, putting the hard work in for eight weeks then ending the ninth week with maxing out. To see how much each lifter has improved their one rep max. 

     Football coach Connor Simmons is the teacher of the APC classes. He has his students perform the bench press, back squat and power clean during max out week. The three different weights are added together to get the lifter’s “big three” total.  

     The APC class recently had a fundraiser to help raise money for some new exercise equipment. The goal was to get people in the community to either donate a flat fee or to pay a price per pound lifted. For example a reasonable donation would be a penny a pound, so if a student ended with a big three of 700 pounds then they would have raised 700 pennies or seven dollars. 

     One team that uses the weight room frequently is the CHS basketball team. According to Coach Dubios, “If players are not in APC, we try to get them in the weight room at least two-three days a week.” 

     Putting time and dedication in the weight room before and during basketball season is one way to become a better athlete. Lifting also prevents injuries on the court keeping players safe and in the game. 

     Sophomore Walker Vanness is enrolled in the APC class. According to Vanness, “ My favorite part about weight lifting has to be that it is a great stress reliever. APC definitely gives me a sort of gratification when my maxes go up.” 

     Junior Jaclynn Hutte is also enrolled in the APC class. She says, “I like being able to see the difference in myself when I get stronger. I want to be able to get more defined muscles, and improve more in my sports and lifting helps with that.” 

     It is so great that CHS provides its students and staff the opportunity to better themselves through the weight room. Many people take advantage of the situation, make goals, grind, and see improvements. The weight room is an investment that will only make people better, not only in strength and conditioning but with mentality.