New rules? We’ve got them.


Jerilyn Short, Staff Writer

This year, school is out of order with students having to wear masks, put hand sanitizer on before and after every class, and staying six feet apart all day.
The CHS staff is putting in the extra effort to make sure that their classrooms are cleaned, and that their students are distanced so that they stay safe and healthy.

Not only is the staff making sure that we are properly distanced in class but at lunch as well.
Students are required to sit on a designated ‘x’ on the bleachers or sit at one of the available tables in the cafeteria. Students are also required to stand on a designated ‘6 feet apart’ sign in order to purchase their lunch.

When students are eating they are allowed to take off their masks. They are not, however, allowed to sit right next to someone while they are eating. Students have been asked to stay seated on an ‘x’ at all times unless they need to throw their trash away or to use the bathroom.
This year students are required to sit on the same ‘x’ or chair for a seating chart. “The students have been very helpful in following the new procedures, which has helped everything go smoothly,” said Mr. Donovan.
However, there are many students who do not enjoy being six feet apart from their friends during lunch. Students find it boring and annoying to be distanced. Other students who don’t mind sitting six feet away from their friends. Students also don’t like the new seating charts required for lunch.

“I personally don’t think they are necessary as long as you enforce the rule of having to sit on designated “x” marks, why should students be forced to stay in one place,” one student said in a survey.

Even though students don’t like having to be distanced they still work hard to follow the new procedures. 78.5 percent of students have discovered that they prefer to eat in the gym rather than the cafeteria.
In the past, 28 percent of students used to bring their lunch from home and 71 percent would buy the schools food. Now 51 percent of students have started to bring lunch from home.

“The ladies have had to change the entire way they are preparing the food this year to insure when students come in we have those menu items they want and they are available and freshly made. They are doing a tremendous amount of batch cooking this year to prevent over producing some items and under producing others,” said general manager of the cafeteria, Sherry Bell.

The ladies also have prepared a limited menu for breakfast and lunch, but have been adding more items to the lunch menu to give students more of what they like. When students are buying their lunch they must give their lunch number to the cashier because the pin pad is no longer being used. The ladies have provided sanitizer at the check out stations and are very focused on sanitizing and cleaning to make sure students are safe.
Regardless of the amount of changes in the cafeteria, the changes are necessary for CHS to function on a daily basis.