On a roll


Alexys Cartmel, Staff Writer

     As fall sports have begun their seasons, the girls soccer team has had an astonishing start. The Lady Cadets have had tough matches, but have played aggressive in order to bring home each victory. 

     The team used the summer to be physically prepared for this year’s season. According to Head Coach Jeffrey Franklin, “We began working with Coach Simmons on conditioning back in July to build up our physical strength for the season. He was excellent for our team because he brought some fun ways to workout that the girls really enjoyed. After weights, we would find time to move out onto the turf and practice basic fundamentals of footwork, shooting, and passing.”

     With this great of a start, the hope is that the team keeps up the motivation for the remainder of the season. As long as the girls are strong at every game, and go into it with a great attitude, they can bring home the win. 

     The Lady Cadets have an outstanding defensive line which stands on the opponent’s side of the field as an extra guard to keep the opposing team from scoring. 

     According to Franklin, “I couldn’t quote a specific metric to determine ‘leading’ but we have three solid starting defensive players in Grace Franklin, Sydney Gabbard, and Laura Cameron. Gabby Walker is currently playing in goal for us and we’ve only given up 4 goals to date. Our current system of defense emphasizes that everyone come back at least one level to support our defensive play, so we have our midfielders come back all the way to help our defensive line players.”

     Franklin also said that everyone on the team has their own part and contributes in their own way, whether they are playing on the field, or on the sideline. They practice as one and not individual players on the field. 

      Junior Grace Franklin says, “I have contributed to the team by helping others out on the field and letting them know if they are doing something wrong. I try to be a team leader and help others when they need it. I also encourage other players whether it is during practice or in a game. Since there are new players I try to help them become the best player that they can be.”

     In every sport, there are different improvements that need to be made whether it’s fundamentals or new plays. Coach Franklin mentioned that each game they make new improvements and they are working on passing percentage.

      Senior Torie Potters commented, “This season differs from last year because we have been able to unite and connect more as a team this season, compared to other seasons. I think that especially for us seniors we have had our experience of losing and we want to move on from that and try to create a better winning mentality for the team this season. The team this year has improved most on wanting to have a winning mentality as a team this year, not giving up, and playing this sport united together as a team instead of playing like individuals like what has been done in the past.”

     Even with those improvements they have come a long way since the beginning of the season. The girl’s currently have an 8-2-1 record, and a 4-1 conference record. 

     “The last time the girl’s program had this kind of start was in 2014 when they won sectional, regional, and played in the semi-state,” according to Cascade High School Athletic Director, Scott Stevens. Stevens also mentioned that the girls are also ranked 19th in the current Indiana Soccer Coaches Association Poll.

     The ladies celebrated senior night with a win against rival Monrovia. This year’s seniors are Chase Searcy, Ellie Dugan, Torie Potters, and Emily Branscum.

     Branscum said about being a senior, “Something I want the underclassmen to know is to not take your time on the field for granted. It’s bittersweet to close this chapter of my life after this season because it’s been a part of me since I was 4, so to know that my time playing is almost over makes me wish I could do it all again.”