Out with the old in with the new


Like the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Only in this case, a creation left unfinished by past students has been handed to four current Cadets. 

Seniors Chase Searcy, Sierra Creek and Savannah Allen have started a new painting with the help of junior, Morgayne Foley. 

The girls decided during the first week of school that they wanted to repaint the wall that students did not finish in the years before. Due to this being their last few years at CHSl, they wanted to finish something that was never completed and leave their mark on the school.

The girls stated “We all wanted to do something big for our last hoorah and we are all in the upper level of painting classes so we thought we could create something cool that the school will have a long time.”

The mural includes all the colors of the rainbow in order to make it stand out to others and bring a “pop” in the room. It represents the two sides of every town. On one side, a city can be seen. On the other side, a country side can be seen that connects the two halves by a river. 

Art teacher, Mrs. Morrow, stated “It’s really hard with everyone having different painting styles to work together as one.  All of the students are upperclassmen and are working and sharing ideas with each other.  I believe everyone has gotten some ideas and has learned  from one another.  This is great for “team building” as well as it  can help everyone get on the same page, work together, and increase their motivation to complete tasks in a timely manner.” 

Morrow also states that she hopes the mural will be completed no later than Fall Break and is anxious to see the finished product.