Countering quarantine crazy

A small portion of Mrs. Creeks garden.

A small portion of Mrs. Creek’s garden.

Hunter Coats, Staff writer

     Let’s be honest.

     During quarentine we were all pretty bored. Some had nothing to do, while others made the most of their time while keeping up on hobbies, working around the house and side-hustles.

     CHS office secretary Amber Creek kept up with her housework until she could bear no more.  Fortunately, she is a gardener.

     “I was very happy for the weather to be nice so I could get outside. I was tired of painting and cleaning inside the house.”

     Creek has always had gardens growing up, as it runs in the family.  “We have always had gardeners in my family so I feel like I was just born into gardening. My Grandfather always had a huge garden, my grandmothers on both sides of the family always had beautiful flowers, and my parents have always had both a vegetable garden and tons of flowers.”

Creek mainly focuses on her flower garden but also has a small garden which contains veggies. She will spend as much time out in her garden as she can while the weather is nice doing things such as, watering, weeding, digging and planting.

     During quarantine to keep busy and stay positive, I personally fished a lot.  I compete in high school and adult fishing tournaments while also fishing for fun with friends and family. It helped me to relax and get my mind off of things. To me there’s nothing like the moment when you set the hook into a nice largemouth bass that will give you a nice fight.

     The highlight of my quarantine was  fishing at Lake Monroe and caught my personal best bass at 7.11 lbs. I was so overwhelmed with joy, and confidence in this moment.

     It goes to show, you just have to make the most out of every moment because you never know what may happen to the things you love. they can disappear in a heartbeat.

Luckily, in this crazy time, most of us can count on our favorite hobbies to keep us occupied, give our idle hands something to do, and keep our minds sharp.