Smart watches: the dumbfounding invention

Smart watches: the dumbfounding invention

Madison Bledsoe, Staff Writer

     When you think of the name “smart watch,” the first thing to come to mind is probably an Apple watch. Many people right now have a watch or know someone who has a smart watch of some kind.

     The most common smart watches are Apple Watches, Fitbits, and the Samsung Galaxy Watches. Smartwatches are helpful for most times when you are in a rush. The obvious example is when you need to tell the time. If you lose a device your watch can help you track it, given you have the right apps.

     They are also great for fitness tracking. What about that message and call that you get on your phone? You can simply look at your wrist and instantly know how important it is without getting distracted by your phone. Not only can you receive messages from important people, you can also get other notifications from other apps on your phone like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and many others.

      Mr. Anderson is a member of the smart watch craze and said, “With the smart watch, I am better able to resist that urge to immediately reply and can better prioritize what is truly important.  I can experience what’s right in front of me better.”

      Many see this watch as very helpful and reliable. However; there are a lot of reasons to not get one.

     The main one being the price, The watch can go from a cheap not very good $50 to the most amazing spectacular watch that everyone needs to get at a price of over $500.

     Another con is probably the fact that your phone needs to be close to use the watch. Just keep it in a pocket or a purse nearby and then it will function. Unless of course you leave your phone at home.

     One last downside to mention is the inner grandma in us that screams “the screen is too small to see anything.”

      Maybe the watch will get an upgrade and be as big as your wrist. Only time can tell.