Get your read on


Rhegan Stewart, Staff Writer

     Reading has become a quarantine essential.

     Many people have started to read more since quarantine started.  At CHS, a book club is offered to anyone who likes to read. The book club is run by Mrs. Gruener and it meets Thursdays after school until 4:00.

     Mrs. Gruener started the book club when she came to work at the high school full- time 11 years ago.

     The book club promotes reading for fun and is a positive group where students  discuss what they are reading, enjoy snacks and plan fun activities.

     Some activities the book club participates in are Safe Trick or Treat, the Children’s Christmas Party, concession stand work, reading games and library projects.

     “Read a book, drink tea and be happy. Oh and just one more chapter,” says Mrs. Gruener.

     So if you like reading then the book club is for you. Just make sure to bring a snack and a mask!