The baby

The baby

Jerilyn Short, Media Manager

Being the youngest, or the ‘baby’ of the family, is different for everyone. Mrs. Fakes says, “I enjoyed being the youngest. My older sister was a great role model, and only two years older than me, so we had lots of fun growing up together.” Being the youngest was different for me because of how my sister is seven years older than me. My sister wasn’t the best role model, and since she was a lot older than me, we didn’t do a lot of things together when we were younger. Even now we still don’t do much together, especially since she has moved three hours away.

My oldest brother would probably be more of a role model to me because of how he is only about 5 years older than me, but when we were younger we did more things together. My other older brother also is not a role model to me because of how we hardly get along. We tend to fight a lot about the stupidest of things but there have been some rare days where we do get along. 

The perks about being the youngest are learning from my older siblings mistakes. Also, by being the youngest, I have developed more of a thick skin. Ever since I was younger, my older brother would pick on me and call me mean names. Because of this, I have gotten used to being called many detestable names.

The negatives about being the youngest varies from person to person. Mrs. Creek says, “Another negative of being the baby is that sometimes it seemed unfair when my brother would be allowed to do something that I was “too little” to go do.” I hated being told that I wasn’t allowed to do something just because I was “too little”. I especially hated being told I couldn’t do something but they would let my older brother who is just older than me by a year.

Another negative is chores. Ever since my brother got a job, dishes and trash have become my responsibility. Now that I have a job of my own, I am still responsible for dishes, trash and even cooking on certain days.

Speaking about responsibilities, my mom finds me more responsible than some of my siblings because of how I am better at remembering to do things. Also my mom doesn’t have to remind me to do things as much as she does with my siblings. This helps my mom because of how she doesn’t like to argue or yell.

My mom considers me to be one of her favorites because of how I don’t argue with her or get angry when she asks me to do things for her. Also, because of how I am better at not giving her a hard time.

Being the youngest has nothing to do with being the favorite. From what I have learned, the youngest is more considered to be the favorite because of how I have learned from my older siblings mistakes. It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I am the “baby” of the family. It deals with more of how responsible I am and not putting my parents through the same mistakes that my siblings have already created for them.