Super bowl commercials


Hunter Coats, Staff

For 54 years the Super Bowl has been the highlight of sports fans bland winter. Every year people look forward to watching the two best NFL teams battle it out for the championship ring. People love to throw parties on this day, having tons of food and drinks to watch the game. Others enjoy going out to their local restaurants, getting a bite to eat and watching the game unfold. 

But one of the most memorable things over the years has been the classic commercials. People all over the world watch the big game just to get a laugh out of the commercials that companies spend fortunes on because they know the game is a real attraction. 

According to CNBC, during the first super bowl ever, an ad on television cost around $0,000.  As of last year, CBS charged a whopping $5.25 million dollars for just a 30 second spot on tv. This is an incredible amount of money, but the commercials are not your run-of-the mill spots.  

Sources say that some of the most popular Super Bowl commercials over the years have been the 100 years game by the NFL, Bud Light Jousting, Volkswagen’s The Force, Budweiser Clydesdales, and Mountain Dew’s puppy monkey baby. 

This year, with the game falling on the same day as Groundhog’s day, Jeep took the opportunity to bring in legendary actor Bill Murray to recreate a hysterical scene from the 1993 film of the same name.

Regardless of which was your favorite, one thing is certain, the big game bring big ads.