Champions Together


Jason Mantooth, Senior Staff Writer

The Champions Together basketball team is now in their third year of competition and is having lots of fun doing it.

The idea of Champions Together is to get EVERY kid the opportunity to make great memories through athletics.

In a partnership with the IHSAA and the Special Olympics, the Champions Together league includes a variety of sports, in which Cascade’s team has participated in basketball for three seasons now and will also have a track team this Spring. 

The Champions Together basketball team has four games this season, and have won three with their final game versus Speedway later this month. 

According to Mrs. Verhey, who coaches the Champions Together team, “We go to the school gym to shoot and practice before the basketball games and it’s a really exciting part of the experience for them. Also for this track season, we are looking for track buddies to help the team practice.” 

Senior Morgan Glaze says the best part of her experience is being able to play with her friend Tori Turner. Tori’s favorite thing is being able to play against other teams with her friends.