Volleyball team is stronger than what people think


Stacey Mayes

Sophomore Josie Jones digs against Cloverdale.

Mason Tharp, Senior Staff Writer

     Cascade volleyball is showing big time improvements after last years season, which did not go as planned. The team is showing new life this year and is competing with teams constantly. They have had many tightly contested games but have not been able to pull off the win in late sets. If the Cadet team starts to finish off teams they are going to be a huge problem when sectional time comes. 

     Coach Stacey Minardo is very pleased with the teams recent performance and effort. 

     “The team has been playing tough competition and have lost close games but we are going to overcome that problem,” said Minardo.

       Senior Liz Geutig, who has played very well this season, leads the team in kills with 103 kills. Fellow senior Carly Gibbs and sophomore Josie Jones are right on her tail with 97 kills each. 

     The players are very excited with this season and how it has gone. Gibbs said, “We are doing a lot better this season, and when we start winning these close games, it will be a lot better.”

     People should be very excited to watch the cadet volleyball team play. If they make small changes now, they will be very tough to beat in a month.