Get it while supplies last

Caitlyn Smallwood, Senior Staff Writer

     Earlier this month, the U.S. supply of oil located in Saudi Arabia was destroyed. The attack on our oil supply was the biggest oil disruption in history, which surpasses the Iranian Revolution of the late 70s.

     A group from Yemen called the Houthi took the blame for the attacks. These accusations have since been debunked stating that their drones were not capable of performing these types of actions. 

     This attack sent waves of shock through other countries that depend heavily on international oil trade. It hit hard in the global energy markets and the prices obviously spiked high.  China heavily depends on oil from other countries, most heavily depends on the U.S. oil trade. 

     The big question is who is responsible for the cause of the attack?

      America has reasons to believe that Iran attacked the oil supply. President Trump’s administration points the finger toward Iran. This isn’t our first encounter with Iran.

Back in June Trump ordered military strikes against the country of Iran, but decided to call it off at the last minute.

     The Saudi oil attack destroyed more than five million barrels of oil. Two days later U.S. prices, as well as China, and Japan’s, spiked. Trump speculates that Iran was behind the biggest attack on our oil in more than 40 years, but it’s too early to tell who in fact was behind this attack.