“Fifth Quarter” fun


KateLynn Vazquez, Staff Writer

     This year for homecoming at Cascade High School Mr.Shoup, Mrs.Ball, and the Student Council team planned a very fun event for after the big game for the high school students.

     Last winter the council sponsored a winter homecoming dance that many people seemed to like. This year student council wanted something different for a fall event, but still had the dance in mind.

     “A lot of students enjoyed the homecoming dance last year so we thought we could do something similar this year. We will still be having the dance in the winter!” said senior class vice president, Aubree Whicker.

     The event offered games, food and music for everyone who attended. There were about 125 students that attended and Mr. Shoup, Mrs. Ball, and the Student Council team are hoping for more people to come next year if this activity is done again.

     If the team does this event again next year they are hoping for more games so that more people come. Tickets for this event were just three dollars which was a price no one could beat for what all was offered.

     Student Council will meet over the summer to decide if this is an activity that this school would like to keep going with for years to come.“If we do this again next year, we are hoping for more students to come. We will more than likely be doing this event again though since it was such a big hit,” says Mrs.Ball.