20 percent… yeah right

Caitlyn Smallwood , Senior Staff Writer

     It’s an American tradition to tip 20 percent at a restaurant. As a customer, you are supposed to tip the average percentage. Servers are supposed to receive that tip on every bill, but there are things that the customers take into play when it comes to leaving that tip. Some examples include if the customers get excellent service by their server, if they are sat in a place they want, or if their server checks up on them from time to time.

     There are many stories of customers leaving an extreme tip because they either know that server or they are feeling very generous. According to mentalfloss.com a server named Greg Rubar was working at D’Amico’s Italian Market in Houston, Texas received a 5,000 dollar tip. The customer who knew Rubar gave him the very generous tip because he lost his car during a thunderstorm. Rubar was very surprised and overwhelmed by the amount that recieved. He kept trying to give the couples money back, but they would take it back. 

      Not every tipping story has a happy ending. According to oola.com one of the customers got sick and because the customer got sick, they didn’t leave a tip and the customer flung vomit onto the server and demanded that their bill would be free. 

     My experiences in the restaurant business is the tipping is very hot and cold. Waiters and waitresses work very hard to earn tips that they get, but sometimes it’s not a lot or no tip at all.  Servers make most of their money on tips. The restaurant business is very hard to work in.  Tipping is the reward for the hard work.  When it happens.