Senora gets the spotlight


     As “The” Cascade High School’s year progresses along, the school as a whole continues to strive for greatness. One person who contributes a lot is Spanish teacher, Ashley Moeller. 

     Senora attended Tippecanoe Valley High School and was a cheerleader as well as a sprinter and high jumper for the track team. After graduating high school, she attended Purdue University to be with her high school boyfriend. In college she was involved in the collegiate ministry program and was on the gymnastics team for three years. As a part of her education, she studied foreign language abroad in Mexico. 

     After getting her degree from Purdue in 2007, she was in the Army National Guard until 2010 when she was medically discharged after having two knee surgeries. While in the military, Senora taught a GED class and helped other recruits to get their GED so they could go to basic training. Moeller’s rank when she finished was an E4 Specialist. 

     Nowadays, life is not as simple but she enjoys her CHS family.  “My best friend is Mrs. Odle. We are the same age and our sons Edison and Easton were born 2 days apart. My other sons name is Lane and her daughter’s middle name is Lane. We also had the same exact wedding dress! I got married in 2010.” 

     Senora also has an ugly dog named Oskar who is 10 years old and two outside cats named Muhammed (Mo) and Gabriel Jesus (Zeus). Her most recent excursion was getting LASIK eye surgery and she is currently working at Charbonos two times a week to pay for it.

This is Senora’s 13th year teaching and 15th year coaching cheer.