The new beginning


KateLynn Vazquez, Staff Writer

The cheer team is off to an exciting start this season.
From cheer camp to morning practices and competitions, the girls have a bright year ahead of them.
At UCA camp, junior Danielle Needham and freshman Maddie Coy received the All-American cheerleader awards.
The team competed at the Marion County Fair in June and got a higher score at their first competition than at their final competition last year. The team also competed at the Hendricks and Clinton county fairs during the second week of July.
The team finished competition season by placing third at the Indiana State Fair.
This year the cheer team has 12 seniors and a large group of freshmen. With football season just around the corner, Coach Ashley Moeller says, “The girls have worked so hard this season and I’m so excited to see what this group can do.”