Ginter tackles the spotlight

Jessica Keen, Staff

With one semester to go, senior Cameron Ginter shares his high school experience and how it has affected him.
Ginter has been involved in many things during his high school career including football, baseball, wrestling, basketball, National Honor Society, and SALC. He has also won many awards during his high school years. Ginter played football and baseball for four years, basketball for two years, and he has wrestled for one year.
His positions in football are defensive and offensive line. He is a pitcher, first baseman and third baseman in baseball, and he plays forward in basketball.
Stephen Spinks, teacher and football coach, tell us that Ginter is the most hardworking and brightest player he has coached. “ Cam’s ability to lead verbally and by example are impressive. He is also extremely tough both mentally and physically, which is rare.” Spinks says.
During high school, Ginter was also a part of the National Honors Society and SALC. SALC is what helped organize Champions Together and the Riley Fundraiser that is held annually.
“My favorite part of high school has been just having class with my friends. A lot of good memories have come from those classes and that has made my high school career a fun one.” Ginter says.
After high school, Ginter plans to attend University of Indianapolis to play baseball and study business or secondary education. “Some advice I would give younger students, although it sounds cliche, is to enjoy it while it lasts because it goes really quick and sooner than they think. They will be a few months from graduating too.”