Cascade brought together with song


Trevor Smith, Staff Writer

The entire Cascade staff and student body showed the entire country some unity when they came together and made the Cascade High School lip dub.
The Cascade lip dub video featured the song by Kenny Chesney and David Lee Murphy called “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”. The video went viral and has been viewed all over the nation, raking in neraly 14,000 views to date.
The lip dub is getting promoted in many ways because it got promoted by two national country syndicated radio shows and was also promoted by Hank FM9 97.1 and also the Jim, Deb, and Kevin show thanks to the credibility of Cascade being a national blue ribbon school.
The lip dub conveyed a message about just being nice to a new student at school or really just being nice period. Mr. Acton is helping increase the spread of the lip dub but the credibility of the blue ribbon award also helps spread the message.
This might not be the last Cascade lip dub because Mr. Anderson said, “We wouldn’t be #NextLevel if there weren’t.” But Mr. Acton wants the next lip dub to still convey a good message that can impact students and teachers nationwide.