Weather is weather whether we like it or not

Madison Bledsoe, Staff

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Indiana is known for its bipolar weather and this winter has been the most bipolar of all.
The winter weather is colder, then colder, then warm, then warmer, then cold…and it’s not even over yet.
On January 30th, the windchill in Indianapolis bottomed at -35°F causing most if not all government buildings to close for the day.
Then, just a few days later on February 3rd, temps reached a high of 61°F, warm, sunny and with a few clouds.
Many might think that they like the warm weather while many might love the cold but we can agree that the weather should pick a side and if it’s winter we should get winter weather.
Freshman Morgayne Foley says, “The weather changing so much is getting a little annoying because it seems to be in the 50s one week and the next it’s below freezing.”
With weather changing so frequently, we barely get the snowy weather winters we think of at this time of year.
Sophomore Faith Needham said “I would rather have snowy weather because if it’s going to be cold it might as well look nice.”
Now let’s just wait until summer when it’s so hot you want the cold weather back. The weather might be as bipolar as you are.