Government shutdown of 2018 lasts into 2019

Jacob Fox, Senior Staff Writer

The government shutdown of 2018 is continuing into the new year, with no end in sight.
The shutdown began on the 22nd of December after a budget dispute, with Democrats attempting to block Trump’s border wall plan. The shutdown’s progress has been relatively slow, with both parties insisting that the other is to blame.
President Donald Trump recently met with Democrats, but it has been reported that the meeting did not end well. Trump allegedly slammed his fists on the table before storming out. Some question the credibility of these reports though, as many of them come from people who are opposed to his presidency.
Some of Trump’s supporters feel that the Democrats are unwilling to compromise, and refuse to talk about doing so. Democratic representative Nancy Pelosi has been frequently accused of this stubbornness, accusing Trump of “manufacturing a crisis” and “holding the American people hostage.”
It is undeniable that some Democrats are unwilling to change their views, but some are just unsure of the plan. Chuck Schumer pointed this out on The Tucker Carlson Show, stating that there were no blueprints or budget plan for a wall.
The federal government’s role has increased over America’s history, so it’s no surprise that many people are affected by the shutdown. Airline regulators, food stamp providers and food inspectors are among the affected careers.
According to a recent poll, most Americans blame Trump and his Republican allies, but some people doubt its legitimacy. The poll was put together and distributed by news source The Washington Post, which has been a frequent critic of Trump’s policies.
There are no more meetings planned as far as the public knows and there have not been any signs of the shutdown ending. The shutdown is the longest in American history, having lasted 23 days as of January 14th.