Making a difference


Garrett Duncan, Staff Writer

The Cadet community came together to make a big change for local families through Habitat for Humanity.
According to their website, “Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home.”
Mr. Martin stated, “I’ve have lived through some hard times, but I always had a roof over my head. To help someone get their family into a well-built home is assistance to society and with that, we all benefit.”
The students helped build the foundation for what will eventually become the first floor.
“Even though the work was challenging, knowing that I helped a family have a home this fall was amazing,” said senior Sara Berge.
Students working on the build include Berge and and fellow senior Caleb Haley, and juniors Jerry Gill, Ben Massingale and Noah Rader.
The owner of the new home has three kids and they are currently living in a small space. She comes to work on the home everyday and is very thankful to see the amount of people willing to help her and her family.
The homeowner is working with Habitat for Humanity and volunteers including Cascade High School students to help her build an affordable home.
This project does not just impact a family, it impacts every student at Mill Creek Schools. All building directors and staff were very pleased with our volunteers. According to Mr. Martin, “They were impressed with our work ethic. Other high schools have had students volunteer at other projects sites, but I don’t think they were as willing to work as our kids were.”
Another team will be headed to the site to help put up siding. That crew will consist of Christopher Schrader, Joe Holliday, Cody Garmon, JD Cameron, and Haley. This group will be led by Mr. Harris.