Fins forward

Liz Guetig, Staff

Mr. Acton always tells his students and staff to “always compete” and “fins up, fins forward,” to always try to be the best and compete at all times.
The students at CHS now have another reason to look up to Mr. Acton as he recently got the prestigious award of the district 8 principal of the year. This is a tremendous honor for Cascade High school and a personal achievement for Mr. Acton. This is the first time a CHS principal has receive this award.
During the five years that Mr. Acton has been at “The” Cascade High School, he has contributed countless hours of service and leadership to make our school a positive place to learn. He has helped create a positive climate at our school and it shows in the faculty and student body.
Mr. Donovan described Mr. Acton as “humble and very proud of our school and all the accomplishments we’ve had.”
This award was presented to Mr. Acton by the Indiana Association of Principals. His leadership has made Cascade an A school and a 4-star school and a nominee for the National Blue Ribbon Award for 2018.