Growing Up


Angel Bratcher, Senior Staff Writer

As we get older we make mistakes and learn from them. It is the cycle of life. Just like driving before you actually get your license. It is scary to think about it, but after you start it just becomes natural.
The same goes for growing up. People are scared to grow up when they are younger but once you get out there on your own it just becomes natural. Senior Payton Hubble knows this experience well.
Hubble says, “I’m excited to start my life and experience new things but I’m also scared that I’m not ready to be on my own yet.”
Hubble has attended Mill Creek Schools starting at West elementary. She has participated in many school activities including soccer and track and field. Her favorite classes include health, sophomore English and painting. Her favorite things to do outside of school are watching HGTV or “Friends,” hanging out with her friends and family and working so she can make money.
Even though Hubble is nervous about life after high school, she still knows what she wants to do. She plans to attend IUPUI, more specifically the Purdue Institute of Engineering and Technology to study interior design.
Throughout high school Hubble has managed to always make As and Bs and has continuously raised her GPA every year. Since freshman year, Hubble has worked at Pizza King in Avon. She has made many great memories and friends while she has worked there.
Like many, Hubble is nervous for her future, but is also ready for it.
“I am looking forward to the college experience and moving out of my house. I still want to come back and see my parents and friends a lot though but I’m ready to move on and start my future.”