Wesley Gates: A smart jock


Brandon Campbell, Senior Staff Writer

Not only is it Wesley Gates’ senior year, it is another year for him to do what he does best.

A member of the varsity football, track and wrestling teams, Gates is used to working hard and getting after it.

Gates was awarded Academic All Conference every year for every sport he has been a varsity athlete in, including football, wrestling, and track. He is also a two year member of National Honor Society.

While Gates has not been at Cascade as long as most seniors, that does not mean that he has not made a positive impact on Cascade. He is ranked in the top fifteen in the senior class and has a GPA of 4.15. Many people have noticed his work ethic and dedication to be a student first and an athlete second.

When he is not at school you can often find Wesley at home working on his “broken” four-wheeler, watching tv or playing Call of Duty: World War Two.

Gates hopes to go to school for mechanical engineering.

“Gates is a determined person who works hard. It is a hard career path but I do not doubt that he can do it,” said Brian Burelison, who has coached Gates in wrestling since his Sophomore year. “I hate watching him wrestle. It is the most frustrating thing as a coach. He never does what I say and only a move we have started to call a Dirty Pete that should never be used at all.”
Wesley hope to go to a college of his choice and pursue a career in mechanical engineering where he hopes to make a lot of money.

Gates said that the most important thing underclassmen should know is that if you do not stay on top of your grades because you can dig yourself into a hole really fast.

“Your grades are the most important thing in high school, you cannot play sports and do all that stuff if you have all F’s.”

Those who know Wesley know that he is a very laid back and chill person to hang out with. It’s hard to get Gates stressed out.

“I like to live by a nine word motto. It is a trash can, not a trash cannot.”