To study or not to study

To study or not to study

Camryn Jackson, Staff

Ms. Bauer’s sophomore classes are taking on the extraordinary 100 Word Challenge for the next few weeks. The 100 Word Challenge is a vocab test that is broken into four separate exams containing 25 words per section. This assessment challenges the medial temporal lobe of the brain, also known as the limbic system, which is responsible for controlling the process of memory.

Each week, the students are given a list of advanced vocabulary words in alphabetical order, such as aesthetic, benevolent, censure and compromise. The students have one week to study the words and memorize their definitions. At the end of the week, the students are tested on the 25 words they have learned. After four weeks, the students are given another week to study before they take the test over all 100 words.

Freshman, Lily Torres, will be taking this test next year. She is a little worried about being able to remember all of the words and their definitions, but is confident that she will be able to complete all of the tests with at least a B+ or higher.

Sophomore, Kelcie Gibeck, is currently taking the challenge head on. She stated, “I thought it would that the test was going to be relatively easy. I was possibly being too confident.” She admitted that the tests took a lot more work than expected. “You really have to study in order to do well,” she said. One word she has struggled with is the word adulation. But she is hoping to get at least a B on her final test.

Junior, Josh Nicholson, took on the challenge last year. He was worried about the tests, but passed all of the tests with decent grades.