Racing to the future


Nicholas Murphy , Staff Writer

Many people dream of being a race car driver when they are little, but not many follow that fantasy. “The” Cascade High School student Wyatt Ellis, followed his passion and has been racing for the past seven years.

In his racing career, Ellis has accomplished being named regional champion and Dirt Grand winner and hopes to further his achievements in the next few years.

“When I was nine years old, my father took me to see the Brickyard 400 and I was amazed at how fast the cars could go! I too wanted to do what they did, so the next year I started racing,” said Ellis.

On top of racing cars, Wyatt is a huge car enthusiast. He enjoys everything about cars, from the maintenance, to the drive. Ellis enjoys going to as many car shows and meets whenever he can and has learned more about cars than most people would care to know.

Ellis not only races, but enjoys drawing, listening to music and playing piano. He also swims for the Cascade High School swim and dive team. Wyatt, alongside his swimmates, broke the record for the 200 freestyle relay during the 2016 season. They hope to break even more records in the seasons to come.

While Wyatt has done very well in both swimming and racing, he does not plan to continue them in the distant future. He wants to spend most of his time becoming the best student he can be in college.

He plans on going to college at Ball State University for architecture and design and hopes that someday he can construct his own vision of a building.

“My high school career has been the most enjoyable part of my life and hope that my future can be just as interesting” said Ellis.

Ellis says that he will continue to appreciate cars and is confident that they will still be a major part in his life.

“Cars make up most of my life, so they won’t be going away anytime soon,” he said.