It’s POPular

Its POPular

Amber Anglin, Senior Staff Writer

Have you ever seen those satisfying videos on the internet of different types of cysts, lymphomas, blackheads and dilated pores being squeezed and extracted until the whole sack is removed? Now THAT IS satisfying.

You may have heard of this sensation that has blown up on YouTube showing mad pimple popping skills known mostly as Dr. Pimple Popper. But she is also known as Dr. Sandra Lee on a more face-to-face basis.

Dr. Lee has been a certified dermatologist for over 10 years. She has treated, extracted and studied many cases, but she says most importantly, what she has experienced as being a dermatologist is that she has connected with thousands of patients all over the world and created lifelong bonds with them.

In today’s society, having acne is not in the beauty standards that people see and believe. People’s lives can be really impacted by acne and that is what the public eye does not see. Acne can affect our self-esteem, our social life, our confidence and many more things dealing with our lives.

Dr. Lee says that ¨it has always been important to me that all the people in my life patients, family, friends and supporters – all live with the notion that beauty has nothing to do with our appearance but everything to do with our confidence. For many, having healthy, radiant skin can be just the confidence boost we need to shine and be the best and most beautiful version of ourselves, inside and out.”

Having such a big platform on YouTube has made for her having many life experiences for her to connect with people all over the world by hearing their stories and concerns. Not everyone can come to Dr. Lee´s office and be treated by her in person. That is why Dr. Lee came out with her own acne line called SLMD Skincare, which was made for her fans called the “popaholics.”

Dr. Lee is such a phenomenon that the world wants to see more. Introducing ´This is Zit´ a show that has just aired on TLC in 2018. The show covers more in depth than the life she has on YouTube. It covers more of an inside on people’s lives including Dr. Lee´s life that people don’t get to see on a regular basis. The show isn’t just popping pimples, it is changing people’s life and going through their story of their life and what they have battled and conquered.

Many people find this disturbing but many people find that watching is very satisfying to watch. It can be a stress reliever for some but can also be someone’s worst nightmare.