The single strand of yarn


Travis Haggard, Staff

She started off as a single strand of yarn, but was made into a sweater.

Miss Culver is the new Child Development and Foods teacher at Cascade High School. She was born in Fort Campbell, Keentucky and grew up in Laramie, Wyoming. Growing up she often looked up to her parents and teachers.

One teacher in particular, Mr. Littleton, was her pre-algebra teacher who changed her outlook on life.

“He would always hand back homework, telling me to redo it saying, ‘I know you can do better, so do better.’”

She also looked up to her college professor, Dr. Lite. “He told me to know my limits, and work to surpass them, he also told me to always bring my knitting to class, or find someway to work with my ADD,” says Culver.

Culver has built many memories with her family. One of her favorites is when her family went camping and Culver, with her mother, were under a shady tree while her father and sister were fishing. Her family would finish the day off around a campfire while her parents told jokes.

Culver says that her inspiration everyday is her faith.

“It is a factor that I never forget throughout the day, and it gives me comfort,” she says.
She also holds onto the endless inspiration of her parents, friends and people who count on her.

Culver believes in the quote “Good, better, best. Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best,” which is from by St. Jerome, a highly respected priest from long ago.

Despite the big move to Cascade, Culver plans to teach at Cascade for years and will always have a plan for more.

“I hope to have more than just foods and child development for classes, but we will see how that works out,” Culver says.

Culver enjoys the small-town school.

“I am glad to be in a rural school because most students know you have to work to achieve what you want,” she says.

“My favorite thing about Cascade is the feeling of community and family. Since coming here I have not felt singled out; in fact, I have had several people make an effort to come and talk to me, to make me feel welcomed” Culver added.

One of Culver’s talents includes knitting. She has been knitting since the age of 10 and has expanded her practice into something far greater. She hopes to soon teach others how to knit.