Unique to the “Kaur”


Varinder Kaur (left) and Simran Singh (right) wearing their traditional dresses

Sara Berge, Staff

When some outsiders look at Cascade high school, they may think that every student is the exact same. Junior Varinder Kaur proves that each Cadet has an unique story.

Kaur has attended Mill Creek Community schools since she was a kindergartner, but her family has their roots planted in several areas, including California, India and Canada.

Kaur’s mother and father are both from India, as well as her older brother. The= family moved to California where Kaur and her older sister were born, and then lived there for four years before moving to Indiana.

When asked about what it was like having this family history, she said, “My parents had to adapt a lot to the American lifestyle because life in India just is not the same. Being a first generation citizen isn’t all that different, we just have some different traditions and growing up, I was always speaking two languages.”

Her family experienced a couple of bumps in the road, like having no idea it snowed in Indiana or what tornado sirens were when they first moved to the “Crossroads of America.”

But even though her family adopted a lot from other cultures , they still keep their traditions in tact.

“Family weddings typically last a week. There is a pre-party and then a wedding and its reception”.

Kaur is actually bilingual, speaking both Punjabi and English, which she finds cool because she can just switch between Punjabi and English without even realizing it. She often recalls a story from when she was in elementary school where she would be taken aside and someone would point at an object and tell her to say what it was as well as its function. She often jokes and quotes the tests.

As well as having an interesting history and unique traditions and customs, Kaur is currently making her own memories at Cascade. She is currently a member of Mock Trial, the National Honor Society, Student Council, Cadet Kickoff and Students Against Destructive Decisions.

Her favorite memory is going to state with Mock Trial during the 2016 to 2017 seasons. Her greatest accomplishment is being able to keep perfect attendance and being able to exempt from most of her final exams.

“There have been so many instances where I have not wanted to come to school, but there is just no way I am taking all of my finals.”

Kaur’s uniqueness maker her a great part of “The” Cascade High School.