Comedy with a side of action


Luke Todd Hammett, Senior Staff Writer

With another yearly release of a Marvel movie, audiences were surprised by the refreshing comedic approach to the third movie in the “Thor” series.

Thor Ragnarok spun the series on its head by avoiding a stereotypical superhero movie storyline and avoiding the overly serious and dark theme. Ragnarok was as equally a comedy as it was an action movie.

The opening of the movie set the tone early, immediately starting with jokes from the protagonist, Thor. The first few minutes of the movie were absolutely hilarious, in contrast to the rest of the “Thor” movies.

The movie is set on a distant planet far from Asgard as Thor and Loki work to make their way back home to save it from their biological sister Hela. Thor and Loki land on a strange planet where time moves much slower allowing for the time passing for them to have no effect on the timeline of the rest of the movie.

Thor is captured and is forced to compete in a gladiator style combat system where he finds Bruce Banner, the Hulk. They team up together with the help of a Valkyrie warrior from Asgard to go defeat Hela.

The recent movies in the Marvel franchise have been in anticipation of the Avengers movie, “Avengers; Infinity War,” which sets up the behind-the-scenes on how each of the members from the all star cast came to be together on Earth at the same time. Thor Ragnarok followed suit to explain behind the movie.

The music in the movie captured each scene well, nothing super memorable as whole, but done well enough to not feel out of place. It was scored well by the music director, Mark Mothersbaugh.

The visuals in this movie really helped sell the whole film, scenes set in a fantasy world felt more alive than ever. In particular there was a scene of Valkyries and a Goddess of Death where the scene looked like a Renaissance painting.

Alongside the beautiful visuals in Thor Ragnarok, the acting is great for each role. Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo did phenomenal jobs during their scenes together to set the mood and keep the comedic theme together.

The main cast was a great group, including actors Cate Blanchett, Tessa Thompson, Tom Hiddleston and Jeff Goldblum. Each actor did an amazing job of capturing their character’s’ motive and portraying it in a serious yet comedic style.

In mentioning characters in this film you have to bring up Korg. Korg is the perfect example of a comedic relief character. Chiming in with witty lines and funny add ins Korg was the perfect amount of funny during tense scenes in the movie.

All in all I loved Thor Ragnarok, superhero movies are always fun to watch and imagine yourself in the same situations. This movie took the conventual formula and turned it on its head for a funny, action packed movie. I would rate this 8 out of 10 as a movie.