Frizzy hair and big dreams


Luke Todd Hammett, Senior Staff Writer

Junior Gunner Harbison is a fun guy who likes to spend time playing sports and investing in his future. He is a funny guy that most people know one way or another.

Gunner is a friend of mine and I can say he is a driven guy. He’s pretty laid back on the outside, but when he’s not in the public eye he likes to get after it. Getting to know him can reveal some funny things he does.

In his free time he plays a lot of basketball at the Rec Center in Plainfield and has picked up a reputation in the building. “I’ve got mad handles, Kyrie ain’t got nothing on me.”

Not only does he invest his free time into basketball, Gunner also enjoys free-hand rock climbing. He likes to “chalk up and just climb.” I know Gunner well enough to know his lack of basic coordination probably doesn’t aid this hobby.

Besides off-site sports, Harbison also plays soccer for the school. He said “I’ve played since I was young which is why I have great foot skills. I practice in my room for hours on end every night.”

When he’s not playing sports, for the school or for fun, Gunner is at home playing video games and doing homework. When I asked about his favorite class he said, “In school my favorite class is physics, I love the teacher and teaching style and the concepts covered in class. There is something so fascinating about breaking down problems conceptually and then figuring out new unique ways to solve them with the equations we have learned this year. The projects are beyond fun and the time I spend working with my hands is the highlight of my day.”

Gunner keeps good grades and an active social life during the school year. To fund his adventures he works during breaks and over the summer with his dad.

Gunner is a great example of a good student athlete who does his work and gets it done. He is a hardworking, good guy who is just looking to have fun while he works through his high school career.