“The” Man Show Star


Abigail Church, Editor-in-Chief

Have you ever seen a large, scary lumberjack-looking man throughout the halls at CHS? If so, you have probably spotted Mr. Hagenow.
Hagenow has been teaching at “THE” Cascade High School for 11 years. He attended Ball State University and has his Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education (Social Studies). He also has a Master’s degree in Coaching and Educational Administration from BSU.
While at CHS, Mr. Hagenow gets the great pleasure of teaching seniors economics and government. He also teaches a sociology class. But Mr. Hagenow’s favorite class to teach is AP Government and Economics. And if you have ever watched the Cadet News, he stars in “The Man Show” with his partner in crime, Mr. Burelison.
Mr. Hagenow is married his beautiful life Kaitlin and together they have two great kids named Bolten and Barrett. He also has 2 dogs.
In his spare time, you can find Mr. Hagenow coaching wrestling and football at Brownsburg High School. You can also find him working on his farm or even cutting wood. Mr. Hagenow loves to play with his sons, take his wife on date nights, hunting and target shooting.
Hagenow’s favorite things about CHS is “the students and family atmosphere.”
If you have never talked to Mr. Hagenow, you definitely should. He’s not as scary as he looks.