The new and improved accessory


Garrett Duncan, Staff Writer

Have you seen the new wooden plaques outside some of the teachers doors? Thanks to Mr. Martin’s 7th period class, that idea became a reality.
The idea of the project came about when the school purchased a new piece of equipment called CNC Router which stands for computer numerical control. Mr. Martin said it was a way for them to pay back the school for the new expensive item.
According to Mr. Martin, “Their one of the best classes I’ve had. I’ve had classes with 10 to 12 students and this class of four has done more work then some of the those bigger classes.”
According to Brendan Trent, they liked the project because it’s easy and entertaining to work on.
To make one of the signs it takes 8 to 12 minutes. The project is really nice on the wallet as the class gets the wood from the old library chairs that the school was deciding to throw away, which is oak wood. The only thing that has to be purchased is some simple screws and some finish.
The students have completed all the classroom labels and are now working on room numbers. This project adds a little bit of uniform class to our hallways and makes use of old materials.