Hide your kids, hide your wife, the Juice is loose

Brandon Campbell, Senior Staff Writer

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In 1994, no one cared about about the Colts or the Mavericks, they just cared about the Broncos. Specifically one Bronco, a white one. A white Bronco that lead police on a 90 minute low-speed car chase on Los Angeles’ 405 freeway.
Orenthal James Simpson was the man they were following. O.J., as he was known to many, had been accused of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman.
Long story short, O.J. was acquitted in the criminal trial, but was found guilty in the civil trial and was later arrested in Las Vegas for kidnapping and armed robbery. O.J. was let out of jail after nine years of a life sentence and was released on parole in the middle of the night as to avoid paparazzi.
O.J. was pretty cool if you take away the murder charges. He was a Heisman Trophy winner in 1968 while playing in college for the University of Southern California, played for the Buffalo Bills for eight years, the San Francisco 49ers for a year and appeared in many movies, appeared in commercials, and tv shows.
Being a cool dude doesn’t protect you from the law. Sure you can pay off court fines, but you cannot take back jail time you served. All in all, no matter how cool you are, you should never murder anyone, threaten to kill yourself, then lead the cops on a 90 minute chase.
So what’s next for O.J.? Live your life with the memories of prison and if you did or didn’t commit murder? Play a few rounds of golf? Go to some football games at your alma mater? Or just relax and live out the rest of your years at home? For now, he’s just O.J.

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