Success measured in weight


Jacob Fox

Alex Church prepares for another round of editing.

Jacob Fox, Staff

The American people’s success is often measured by the distance they go, rather than what they do. Alex Church is a senior at The Cascade high school who, despite making the decision not to attend college, is doing all that he can to further his career.
Church is a hard working student, who does his best to keep his future in mind when making decisions. He plans to graduate from Cascade, but has no plans to attend college.
Not seeking a collegiate future is something that many students are discouraged from doing, and are often accused of lacking determination. This often leads them to feel badly about themselves, or even give up entirely.
Church has admitted that he frequently feels like he is under fire for this choice. “I feel misjudged sometimes. Everybody always pushes college towards you, but college isn’t for everybody. And it’s definitely not for me.”
However he does not allow these stereotypes to affect him, and especially not to define him. Instead he fights to maintain an impressive GPA of 3.7, holding mostly As and Bs.
Alex currently plans to seek a electrician’s career. He will likely enroll at the Indianapolis Electrical JATC, where he can learn more about his job choice.
Church not only possesses sturdy grades, but an interesting and vastly different set of hobbies. These hobbies include racing four wheelers, making speaker boxes, wiring car radios, building computers and video and audio editing.
Yet another of Church’s best features is his kind and caring personality. He often performs heart warming deeds, some of which go mostly unnoticed.
One of his most frequent acts is the one often unnoticed, done for and by students at The Cascade high school. He is the production editor for The Cadet News, and does his best to ensure that the video gets to the student body everyday. Not only is he a student but a teacher, as he has been training younger students to take his place next year.
Church will likely be labeled as a less educated individual by society, even though he has proven himself to be very capable and intelligent. However he will not allow this wildly inaccurate stereotype to keep him from reaching his goals, proving that success is measured by what you do rather than how much you do.