Undiscovered artist


Brooke Smith, Senior Staff Writer

Ever wondered who created the mural wall in the art room? That would be Andrea Eageny, senior at the Cascade High School. Eageny has made quite a name for herself and has managed several amazing things during her time at Cascade.
Eageny has stacked up several accomplishments. She has received A/B Honor Roll for all three years she has been in high school. Eageny has created programs for “The Little Mermaid” and “The King and I” and did all illustrations for the plays. She has also competed in Hendricks County Art Show for four years in a row and have been honorably mentioned each time.
Eageny also participates in extracurricular activities like NHS and book club, and also helps each year with the children’s Christmas party. She also is very dedicated in her job at Yogurt in Love, which she has been working at for a couple months now.
Eageny has been involved with art since middle school. She explains that Mrs. Marrow has been her teacher every year and has grown very close to her. She is currently in Fiber Arts and Drawing 7.
Eageny has her own projects to work on as well. She is currently working on her own license plate and doing an oil based painting for the Hendricks County Art Show this year.
“I am very excited for the art show this year. I am currently working on oil pastel of little children and think this will be a great painting to be in the contest,” she says.
After high school, Eageny plans on majoring in art therapy or artitecture. She plans to attend either Herron Art School, Ball State or the University of Alabama, but has yet to formally decide.
Eageny continues a busy life out of school and academic in her personal life. She is the youngest of five, has two nieces and two dogs.
“I am going to miss them when I go to college. Family and friends are very important to me,” says Eageny.