The amazing Mr. Anderson


Garrett Duncan, Staff Writer

Mr. Anderson is a leader inside and out of the classroom that makes him a real keeper for Cascade.

Mr. Anderson has been with Cascade for several years and he has a lot to offer. He gives students a chance to learn about math while providing a-judge free zone to really be who you are. According to Mr. Anderson, “ I feel this is where I have been called to “work.”

Mr. Anderson feels like this school is worth his time.

“This is the first school I’ve worked at where I feel I want to invest after school hours.”

He has stated on several occasions that he wants to helps out kids as much as he can but to teach some lesson on the way.

“I like how he makes every lesson fun and I am able to always have a good time while he was teaching,” stated by sophomore Mason Tharp.

Tharp says that he is a good teacher because he makes you focus and really concentrate on everything that your are learning. He continued to say that Mr. Anderson makes jokes and always makes someone laugh if they aren’t having a good day.
Mr. Anderson went to college at Indiana University South Bend.He is married with two dogs, Buddy and Gizmo. He and his wife are also expecting their first baby.

Mr. Anderson has a life outside of school believe it or not. He likes to play sports and exercise.
Mr. Anderson’s door is always open for help, advice or anything else you may need, it doesn’t hurt to ask. If you see Mr. Anderson throughout the day, go and give him a huge thanks for all that he does.