Morning policy causes debate


Jacob Fox

Spanish teacher, Mrs. Moeller redirects students Josh Nicholson and Cameron Ginter to the cafeteria before the first bell.

Jacob Fox, Staff

The new school year held a shocking surprise for students in the first few days of school when teachers and administrators began to usher them into the cafeteria before the first bell.
The school put the policy in place last year, but the staff had not enforced it before the 2018 school year.
The policy requires students who enter the building before the 7:45 bell to report directly to the cafeteria, where they are to remain until released. Any individual who breaks these regulations will be given a warning and repeat offenders may be dealt disciplinary consequences.
This has not set well with many students, who feel that the change was sudden and unwarranted.
Some students feel that this has not only affected their morning routine, but their academic performance as well. In past school years students used this time to their advantage, and went to quieter places to work on their assignments.
Junior Isaac Hathaway protested that he could not focus in the cafeteria, and stated that “It just gets really loud, especially on Fridays.”
However there are still many staff members who approve of these changes. Mr. Steve Harris explained that the students were a constant nuisance, and kept them from really focusing on the tasks at hand. “We love talking to them, but the reason we come in early every morning is to get stuff done, which we can’t do with students coming into our rooms.”
Initial shock aside, evidently not all students think this is a bad idea.
73.3% of the students stand win agreeance of the rule, while 26% did not, though some students pondered if a particular event lead to the rule becoming so heavily enforced.
CHS Assistant Principal, Brant Donovan explained that there was no exact cause for the policy being pushed.
“We have made no changes in our policy regarding student supervision prior to 7:45 a.m. The policy has been and remains to be that students in the building before 7:45 a.m. need to be with a teacher or coach or be in the cafeteria, where we provide supervision.”
It is likely that the policy will remain in place in future school years, and will continue to be pushed.