Cameron Ginter

Brandon Campbell, Senior Staff Writer

A student athlete is someone who excels both on the field and the classroom.
No one exemplifies the term as well as Cameron Ginter.
Ginter, a hardworking student with a 4.2 GPA is a three-time starter for football, as well as a two-time starter baseball player. He also plays JV basketball.
Ginter came to Cascade when he was in seventh grade from Decatur Central. He started varsity his freshman year for football and baseball.
¨My favorite memory in high school has to be when we beat Greencastle on their homecoming night because they started to catch back up but then we shut them down. It was a really cool experience because no one expected us to win that game and we were so hype after.¨
Ginter’s favorite sport is baseball and he hopes he can play baseball in college when he graduates in 2019. Ginter´s love for sports will transition later in life as he plans to go into sports media or sports management. ¨I would really like to do something with athletes because I love sports,¨ says Ginter.
“My favorite class that I’ve taken in high school is physics. It’s a really fun class and we do tons of projects.¨
When he’s not at school he enjoys hanging out with friends, practicing for football, baseball or basketball and playing 2k at home.
As this is Cameron’s junior year, he still has two more years varsity sports to look forward to. Cameron is optimistic about sports he plays and is always an enthusiastic player. Cameron was also member of the Student Athletic Leadership Council his sophomore and junior year.
¨If I had to tell the underclassmen one thing it would be to work hard your freshman year.” He also said to enjoy high school while it lasts because these are the best years of your life and when it is over, it is over.