Everyone deserves to be equal



Amber Anglin, Senior Staff Writer

On Wednesday July 26th, 2017, President Donald J. Trump announced to the world (of course, via Twitter) that he, along with military specialists and generals, created a proposed ban to keep transgender Americans from serving n the military.

While campaigning for the U.S. presidency, Trump announced that he was a very big supporter of LGBTQ Americans and that he planned on defending their community that they have created. Trump even claimed to be a bigger supporter than his Democratic rival, Hilary Clinton.

Many of the people who voted for Trump were supporters of his vow to be loyal to the LGBTQ community or part of it. Now there is serious backlash on Trump and his part of being president. This moved only adds to wishes for Trump to be impeached.

The Defense Department would allow transgenders to serve for the U.S. military, but in the last month, the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis reported there would be a pause on the ability for transgender Americans to servein the military, whhich drew red flags.

According to Trump, “Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”

The cost of gender reassignment for military personnel has ranged from $2.4 million to a staggering $8.4 million dollars. This is an amount that is a very little portion of the the grand total of the health care use used in the military. This policy is only said to affect a little amount that is close to 1.3 million individuals who are strongly engaged in the military.

It is estimated that approximately 11,000 transgender individuals in the military and are facing the loss of the job and quality of life.

Trump is worried by the cost of transgender medical care because it could hurt the security spending measures that also goes along with the $1.6 billion for the border wall. Some Americans are upset by the fact that the news was spread throughout a series of tweets, with no hearing at all.

Many of the people being affected hope to challenge this ban in court. People want to hear about the changes and know how it affects those currently serving or hoping to join the military.

As of now, transgender people are still allowed to serve in the military while waiting on the enactment of guidelines Even though all of this is happening, transgenders are still to be treated with respect. Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said “The service of men and women who volunteer and who meet our standards of service is a blessing, not a burden.”