Top 10 things to do while procrastinating

Morgan Bledsoe, Senior Staff Writer

Writing a paper can be boring. Reading the same lines over and over, just to erase them is exhausting.

When the urge to procrastinate emerges, what is there to do? Here are some things you can use to cure the boredom.

1. Make a list.
Nothing better than making a list of all the things that have to be done and then not doing them.

2. Avoid any and all responsibilities. Need to cook dinner? Pretend you are! Need to make the bed? Lay in it until the world ends so then the responsibility of making it is no longer an option because there are zombies to fight.

3. Check social media accounts. See if anyone following suit and strike up a conversation with them on how much you hate working on that paper.

4. Play video games. What better way to dispose of any and all of your frustrations than destroying innocent civilians in Grand Theft Auto V? Maybe spitefully building a castle in Minecraft is more on your speed?

Midway through the list is 5. Watch any numerous kinds of videos on YouTube.
Watch a tutorial on how to make a handbag out of duct tape, a knife and a screwdriver. Watch blooper reels of TV shows such as “Parks and Recreation” or “The Office.” Maybe the humor or tutorials may spark some sort of creativity or give you the urge to write.

6. Help around the house. Clean a room. Make it clean so when the urge to go into crunch time at two in the morning, the laundry mass that has been staring back for many months is finally gone, is no longer providing a distraction.

7. Get closer with Jesus or find a religion that doesn’t believe in homework.
What better time to believe in the power of prayer and a higher truth than trying to write a 3000 word paper overnight? Maybe this will allow you to have a spiritual enlightenment!

8. Rewrite the same paragraph 10 times because it is the worst thing ever written by anyone ever. A dog could write better than that. At the same time, realize the world is crumbling all around and because it is four in the morning and you are a failure.

9. Go to bed and hope that when you wake up there was some freak weather accident and the internet is broken and school cannot happen no matter how many snowplows go down the road. Maybe you might even contract an incurable disease that allows you to get an extension on the paper.

10. Rewrite your list 11 times. Go past the intended goal. Prove that you have the ability to be an overachiever!

11. Decide that was dumb. Just write the paper…it’s easier for you and everyone else. No one wants to be a zombie the next day because there was so much wasted time.

Whether you choose to procrastinate or not, hopefully you can find something on this list helpful to you and your procrastination needs.