Watch out for the Cadets


Abby Church, Editor-in-Chief

With the season opener this Friday, the Cadets are preparing to take on the Warriors from Danville High School and prove everyone wrong.
With Coach Spinks’ first season under his belt, he is ready for battle. Spinks is always looking forward to the opportunity to improve his athletes and as always win a state championship.
Over the summer, the Cadets never stopped training for this season. The countless hours of weightlifting and conditioning will give the Cadets an edge to take on any opponent. The team also traveled to Depauw University for a team camp and learned many things to help them compete this season.
The squad is very young in many positions, but the nine seniors will lead the Cadets to many victories.
“We will be improved from last season on just sheer experience,” says Spinks.
The goal for the team is to get to a point where freshman will play more varsity minutes, in turn building the program.
Senior leadership is a must for the cadets as they have many underclassmen to train.
The team has seven returning seniors and two newcomers. Seniors this year include David Turner, Noah Mourey, Chaney Donovan, Chase Western, Brock LaRussa, Brandon Campbell, Jarrett Ellis, Wesley Gates, and Hunter Hix.
Mourey is looking forward to another great year in the record books. “I am looking forward to this season after all of the hard work we put in this summer,” says Captain Brandon Campbell.
Spinks says one thing he wants to improve on from last year is the ability to start quickly. Their motto this year is “Take the Ring.” The team wants to start off strong and take the field in dominant fashion, which will ideally lead them to winning in the postseason.
The Cadets recently traveled to Rockville High School for a scrimmage with the Rox. The team had numerous players with outstanding performances at the scrimmage. They were able to dominate in this scrimmage, without keeping score.
Coach Spinks is relying heavily on the “Black and Blue Crew” to fire up the team at both home and away games. He wants “rally towels, jugs with change in them, cowbells, facepaint, shoulder pads and sheer insanity!”
Be sure to come out and support your Cadets Friday, August 18 at Danville High School at 7 o’clock.