Prom or Nah?

Brandon Campbell, Staff

For boys, prom can either be a fun time, or a pain in the…well, you know. Renting a limo, tux and buying the tickets can add up very quickly.
An average teen can end up spending close to a thousand dollars on prom necessities.
A basic tuxedo price is about $200, while the average limousine price is around $400. These prices can be reduced by doing things such as splitting the cost of a limo between a group of friends or just wearing a suit that you already have.
Prom may not be for everyone.
¨If you like the idea of hanging out with a lot of people, prom is your thing, but if you don’t enjoy crowds of teens, don’t waste your money,¨ said junior Braden Ballard.
Some people would rather go as a group of friends and just have fun instead of being pressured to find a date and spend all that money.
While prom can feel like a chore, it can also be very enjoyable. Hanging out with friends, going to a fancy restaurant and getting to ride in a limo are all very fun things. There is no better opportunity to do these things at this time in your life than prom.
Prom can either be the best time of your life, or it can empty your wallet. Do you think the prize outweighs the pressure?