Riley dance preview


Luke Hammett, Staff Writer

In the first year ever, Cascade raised nearly $4,000 during the Riley Dance Marathon. This year, the goal is to do even more for the local children’s hospital.

Student Council adviser, Ms.Murphy said, “This is a very large goal that we hope to come as close to as possible.” This will be an easy goal to meet if we can keep the attendance up this year.

This year’s dance will have a carnival theme and will begin at 5:00 pm. At 7 pm the event shifts to a “high school only” group.

You can expect to see scooter races around the gym and tugs of war as well. New games this year include plinko and bobbing for apples. Ms.Murphy spoke on their plans for this year’s attractions.

“The basketball competition will remain, as will the dancing in the dark portion at the end of the event. We are also working to get a dunk tank this year with teachers involved. Food will also be provided for free.”

Even though the night will be all in good fun, we need to remember what the event is about. Riley Hospital is receiving every dollar raised by the event to support sick kids. So when you come and donate, know that you’re helping support those in need.

See you there for a family fun night!